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Year: 2011
Space products and services are an integral part of many activities and sectors throughout the global economy. Exhibit 1b shows seven major categories in which space products and services make a strong contribution. Within these categories, space products and services include items that rely on...
Year: 2008
Two competing influences shape the near-term prospects of space astronomy: the burgeoning worldwide development of astronomical technology and human talent, and the decrease in governmental support for basic science brought on by economic and fiscal pressures.
Year: 2013
DTH television’s estimated revenue comprised ##% of the commercial space products and services sector, growing from $## billion in 2012 to $## billion in 2013. North American DTH providers DIRECTV and DISH Network continue to be the largest contributors, with combined estimated revenues of $##...
Year: 2012
In calendar year 2012, the government of Mexico allocated a budget of ## million pesos (US$# million) to the Agencia Espacial Mexicana (AEM). The agency was established by law in 2010 and commenced operations in late 2011, so 2012 was the first full year of activity. AEM is a young and growing...
Year: 2013
The number of FSS satellites has grown tremendously over the past five years in response to increased demand. Deregulation of international markets has sparked the rise of new companies providing content to customers via satellite. Harmonization of digital transmission standards has helped...
Year: 2005
Country: India, Mexico
Satellite communications have allowed governments in developing nations to establish e-governance portals and services without investing in terrestrial infrastructure. In Mexico, a distance learning course was beamed via satellite and the Internet to more than 1,800 teachers. Several governments,...
Year: 2010
The Open Initiative on the Use of Space Technologies to Support the World Heritage Convention is a program sponsored by ESA and the U.N. Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The Open Initiative focuses on the use of satellite imagery to identify and protect U.N.-designated...

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