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Commercial Space Products and Services

Commercial Space Products and Services


Commercial space products and services accounted for $## billion in spending in 2015, up ##% from $## billion in 2014. This category covers the applications that utilize space assets to provide practical benefits for individuals and organizations. It includes satellite communications and broadcasting, Earth observation, and geolocation and navigation.

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Satellite broadcasting is typically a one-way transmission from a satellite to receivers on the ground. Services such as direct-to-home (DTH) television and satellite radio are broadcast services. 
Operators of communication satellites lease satellite capacity to satellite broadcasting companies, making the provision of these services possible. For example, DISH Network accounted for nearly a third of Hughes Network’s total revenue in 2015. Satellite communications also include two-way...
The geolocation and navigation sector makes up the largest portion of commercial space products and services, with estimated 2015 revenues of €## billion (US$## billion), according the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA). As calculated in euros by GSA, this is ##% more than...
The commercial remote sensing industry was estimated at $## billion in 2015. Market research firm Northern Sky Research expects this to grow to $## billion by 2024. Much of this growth will be driven by the information products segment of the industry, which is taking advantage of higher resolution...

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