Finding and Preserving Archaeological Sites

Satellites provide archaeologists a different way to monitor looting activities at ancient sites. Archaeology and overhead imagery have been intertwined since pilots, cameras, and aircraft came together before World War…

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Space Products and Services – TSR 2016

[caption id="attachment_9914" align="alignleft" width="427"] A Sentinel satellite image of algal bloom in the Baltic Sea. The bloom's bacteria may cause oxygen deprivation and produce neurotoxins that affect wildlife. | Accurate…

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Responsive Bus Routing

A technology developed by ESA is helping rural areas to provide on-demand public bus service. In many rural areas, public transportation connections are infrequent. Governments are reluctant to increase public…

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Coordinating Aid with GPS

Increasingly, United Nations and international nongovernmental workers dealing with humanitarian needs in war-torn countries, such as Iraq and Somalia, are relying on GPS technologies to coordinate aid remotely. Increasingly, United…

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Satellite Infrastructure Supports Middle East Media

Satellite communications play a very important role in developing nations, which often lack extensive ground-based infrastructure. In order to improve its broadcasting capabilities, Iraq is in the process of deploying new satellite television…

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