North Korea

2014 – Spaceports Overview

Space launch vehicles and their payloads are prepared and subsequently launched or deployed from facilities called spaceports. The scale of spaceports varies widely, whether measuring the area they cover or…

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Satellites Reveal Regions Closed to Outsiders

Possible atrocities once only seen by government agencies are now in the public view. [caption id="attachment_3564" align="alignright"]Commercially available images can provide insight beyond closed borders. This image shows a North…

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2013 – Military Reconnaissance

Military-specific observation satellites can be used for reconnaissance or other intelligence-gathering purposes. The capabilities of remote sensing satellites can sometimes obscure whether or not they are being used for civilian…

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2013 – Spaceports Overview

Spaceports are the facilities where launch vehicles and their payloads are prepared and subsequently launched. Spaceports vary widely in scale. They range from the relatively austere Kodiak Launch Complex in…

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2009 – Military Space Activities

Militaries around the globe use space as a force multiplier, a capability that significantly increases the efficiency of other military assets, thereby enhancing the probability of mission success with minimal…

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