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Space Policy – TSRQ4 2019

Space Policy - TSRQ4 2019 analyzes the impact of historic treaties and agreements on the space industry globally and explores the shifting political landscape of the space industry in 2018.

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2011 – Space Policy: Programs and Progress

As space activities across the globe become more dynamic—blending commercial, government, and cross-border activities—governments increasingly see a need for a formal space policy to provide a framework for coordination and…

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2010 – Space Stations

The ISS is the only crewed space station in orbit. Due to be completed in 2011, the ISS is also the most active and massive space station ever deployed. NASA,…

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2009 – Top-level Trends

As nations around the world increase investment in both space activity and space human capital infrastructure, traditional models of space education and workforce development are increasingly being supplemented by newer…

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