Commercial Infrastructure and Support Industries

Commercial Human Spaceflight

2017 – Commercial Human Spaceflight

Multiple companies are continuing to work toward launching humans on suborbital flights in the near future... Multiple companies are continuing to work toward launching humans on suborbital flights in the…

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2016 – Commercial Human Spaceflight

In FY 2016, funding for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program increased by 55%, from $805 million in FY 2015 to $1.24 billion.[efn_note]NASA. "FY 2017 President’s Budget Request Summary." April 2016.…

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2015 – Commercial Human Spaceflight

In 2015, NASA put in orders with both SpaceX and Boeing to conduct their first operational commercial crew rotation missions under the Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCap) Program. The first…

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2005 – Commercial Human Spaceflight

In 2005, six ISS resupply launches were made from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. NASA paid Roscosmos $## million per launch. NASA’s planned funding for COTS is shown in Exhibit 4q. In 2005, NASA…

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2007 – Commercial Human Spaceflight

While the personal spaceflight market is still in its early stages, revenue continues to accumulate for individual trips and as deposits for future flights. Charles Simonyi, by his own account,…

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2008 – Commercial Human Spaceflight

The personal spaceflight market continues to promise a bright future as commercial flights get under way as early as 2010 and demand and sales begin to increase. RocketShip Tours announced…

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2009 – Commercial Human Spaceflight

Revenue from in-space activities derives mainly from commercial business taking place in space or transportation services to and from space. For example, governments plan to use the private sector to…

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2010 – Commercial Human Spaceflight

Development continued in 2010 on new commercially operated transportation services that can carry cargo, passengers, and possibly professional astronauts into space. SpaceX and Orbital Sciences made significant progress in development…

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