Commercial Space Products and Services

Regenerative Medical Research Advances Through ISS Experiments

The microgravity conditions of the International Space Station (ISS) offer a profound opportunity to make discoveries in regenerative medicine that would not be possible on Earth. Scientists floating more than 200 miles above the ground are experimenting with ways cells grow and change, studying. . .

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The Role Of Intellectual Property In Space Innovation

As the exponential growth of commercial space looms, this is a good time to survey several critical aspects of intellectual property (IP) as an enabler of innovation in commercial space. This article begins with a review of the vital role of. . .

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Insight: Space Jobs of the Future

The late Dr. Clarke, popularly known for authoring the cinematic space classic, “2001: A Space Odyssey,” was known for his technical prowess (he conceived the geostationary satellite) but also for his compelling optimistic vision for space development. . .

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Space Products & Innovation – TSR 2018

People and businesses continued to harness space technology and services in 2017, sometimes in surprising ways. New companies are using space-acquired data in new ways, aided in no small part by the ubiquity of the smartphone. Blind people can download. . .

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