European Space Workforce

Workforce: Space Workforce

The global space industry employs hundreds of thousands of individuals in well-paid cutting-edge technology jobs, and it relies on a pool of highly qualified workers to fill new jobs as they arise. Trends among this workforce, including its size, age breakdown, average pay . . .

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European Space Industry Employment

In 2016, the European space workforce included 40,419 individuals, according to Eurospace, the European space industry association. Eurospace conducts annual surveys of European firms involved in the design, development, and manufacturing of space assets. It does not include workers associated with the space services industry, including well-known…

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2014 – European Space Industry Employment

Each year, Eurospace, an association of the European space manufacturing industry, carries out a survey of the European space industry. The survey focuses on design, development, and manufacturing; it does not include companies specializing in space services, such as launch or satellite operations, nor non-space products, such as GPS receivers or satellite TV dishes. Some well-known European space companies, including Arianespace, SES Global, Eutelsat, and Inmarsat, are thus not included in the survey. Together, these companies would add thousands of employees.

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