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Space Products and Innovation

The increased use of satellite imagery and data in recent years has led to expansions in multiple fields of research.[efn_note] United Nations Statistics Division. Satellite Imagery and Geospatial Data Task…

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Space Products and Services – TSRQ1 2019

Companies and individuals are using positioning, navigation and timing (PNT), Earth observation (EO), and communication satellite technologies and data to humanity’s benefit. From commercial transportation to natural disaster relief, these…

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2012 – Emerging Technologies

While space has many practical applications that are already making real differences in people’s daily lives, many more research activities are still in the early stages of development. Depending on…

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2005 – Space-Themed Tourism

The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum is recognized as the world’s most visited museum. For 2005, a total of ## people visited the museum building on the Mall, which on average attracts…

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2005 – Benefits of Technology Transfer

Space technologies can also be used by manufacturers to create, modify or improve new and existing components and products which, in turn, provide industry, commercial users and ultimately the general public with a wider…

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2005 – Spinoffs

Technology developed in association with space activities is used in many industries and non-space applications. Technology is transferred through intentional efforts by governments to identify new applications, as well as…

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2007 – Emerging Applications Across Sectors

While space infrastructure’s products and services initially only served the communications and media sectors, they now deliver value across virtually all economic areas, from transportation to healthcare to financial services.…

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2005 – Satellite Internet Access Globally

The distribution of creative content and information is enhanced, and sometimes uniquely possible, through the use of communications satellites. In addition, the convergence of digital media is creating novel user…

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