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Governance, Education, and Infrastructure

The Power of Fiber

The blades of wind turbines require regular inspections and maintenance. One technology developed for satellite bus temperature sensing is being used to help with... [caption id="attachment_4112" align="alignright"]Satellite monitoring technologies, from…

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Addressing Vehicle Emissions

Understanding real world vehicle emissions may help governments in some areas of the world save lives. In the... Understanding real world vehicle emissions may help governments in some areas of…

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FINDER: It Helps Find People

From helping teams find victims in collapsed buildings to remotely monitoring quarantined patients, NASA has a technology to do both. An algorithm used for NASA’s measurement of the orbit of…

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Tracking the Effects of Mining Waste

When overhead space assets show the impacts of mining on the environment. Bento Rodriguez, a Brazilian village of about 600 people, ceased to exist in early November 2015. The town…

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California’s Rapid Fall into Water Bankruptcy

Space radar exposes the depth of California's water problems. [caption id="attachment_3543" align="alignright"]Satellite-provided radar data shows the sinking of land in California, resulting from the state's overuse of groundwater. Credit: Canadian…

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Saving Money with Old Rain Data

Satellite rainfall data might help Indian residents save money. A space program that ended in 2015 still provides money-saving data for researchers. The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite collected…

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