Japanese Spaceports

2017 – Japanese Spaceports

As in 2016, Japan’s space agency, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), used ## of its spaceports in 2017 for its ## launches... As in 2016, Japan’s space agency, the…

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2016 – Japanese Spaceports

Both of Japan’s ## orbital spaceports were used in 2016, supporting a total of ## Japanese SLV launches. Tanegashima Space Center conducted ## H-II family SLV launches, while... Both of…

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2015 – Japanese Spaceports

Of Japan’s two spaceports, Tanegashima and Uchinoura Space Centers, Tanegashima was the only spaceport conducting orbital space launch vehicle launches in 2015. Uchinoura conducted ## sounding rocket launch during 2015.…

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2008 – Japanese Spaceports

Founded in 1969, Tanegashima Space Center is Japan’s main spaceport and its only site that sends rockets into orbit. Tanegashima is the launch site of Japan’s heavy H-IIA rocket. In…

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2010 – Japanese Spaceports

Located at the southern end of the country, Tanegashima Space Center is Japan’s main launch facility. JAXA has long dealt with regulations restricting space launches at Tanegashima to semi-annual windows…

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2011 – Japanese Spaceports

Japan’s two launch sites, the Tanegashima Space Center and Uchinoura Space Center, benefited from the lifting of a ban designed to prevent disruptions to the fishing industry. These coastal launch…

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