Earth Observation/Remote Sensing Satellites

Satellite Design

Infrastructure: Spacecraft Overview – TSRQ1 2019

Infrastructure: Spacecraft Overview - TSRQ1 2019 examines global spacecraft/satellite operations conducted throughout the three space sectors, military, civil government, and commercial. This edition covers communication, PNT, and Earth observation/remote sensing…

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2018 – EO/RS Meteorology Focus

In 1900, a hurricane defied U.S. Weather Service predictions and destroyed Galveston, Texas. The highest part of the island on which the city rests is about 2.75 meters (9 feet)…

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2018 – EO/RS Satellite Manufacturers

Three manufacturers accounted for 47% (83) of all EO/RS satellites deployed in 2018: Planet, Spire Global, and the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST). Planet and Spire also operate the…

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2018 – EO/RS Satellite Operators

The countries with spacecraft operators operating the most EO/RS satellites deployed in 2018 were in the U.S. and China. Combined, operators from these two countries accounted for 42% (73) of…

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2017 – Military Satellites

National security drives national efforts to acquire and operate military satellites. While there some exceptions, most military satellites have very similar capabilities as their commercial... National security drives national efforts…

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2017 – Surface Imaging

Surface imaging satellites observe, monitor, and track changes and developments on the Earth’s surface using a variety of optical or electronic imaging capabilities. EO satellites... Surface imaging satellites observe, monitor,…

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2017 – Meteorology

Only three satellites with a dedicated meteorological focus were deployed during 2017—less than 1% of 443 spacecraft deployed during that year. It was also a drop from the number of…

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2016 – Military Reconnaissance

Earth observation used to be the domain of a nation’s civil agencies and military. In 2016, 219 spacecraft were launched or deployed in the Earth’s orbit. More than half, 116,…

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