Space Products and Services

Space Products and Innovation – TSRQ3 2020

[caption id="attachment_8973" align="alignleft" width="249"] Satellite technology helps harvesters in Benin, West Africa, know the peak time to gather crops.Credit: Courtesy of Green Keeper Africa.[/caption] The increased use of satellite imagery…

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Space Products and Services – TSRQ2 2019

Introduction | Devices with embedded technologies are capable of sensing and interacting with both active devices nearby and the environment that surrounds them. This vast network of connected devices, whether…

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Monitoring Pipelines from Space

Pipeline leaks are harmful to the environment, costly to repair, and can lead to serious injuries or death to those living and working around them. For years, workers used helicopters,…

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Shark Conservation

Every year, 73 million sharks are killed, primarily for their fins as an ingredient in shark fin soup. This drive for shark fins by fishermen has put more than 70…

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