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Infrastructure: Spaceports

Spaceport upgrades and new spaceport development are at an all-time high, with 40 active launch sites around the globe, 10 more in development in the United States, Sweden, Australia and Canada, and 13 more proposed in eight countries. . .

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2017 – Spaceports – Snapshot

Given the ## orbital launch attempts worldwide, it is clear that spaceports were ## in 2017. This activity was distributed across ## active spaceports. In 2016, spaceports in the

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2014 – Spaceports Overview

Space launch vehicles and their payloads are prepared and subsequently launched or deployed from facilities called spaceports. The scale of spaceports varies widely, whether measuring the area they cover or the activities they host.

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2015 – European Spaceports – Snapshot

ESA conducts orbital space launches from its only spaceport: Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana. Guiana Space Center launches the Soyuz, Ariane 5, and Vega space launch vehicles. The European spaceport is one of the closest active spaceports to the Earth’s equator.

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