U.S. Space Industry Employment

U.S. Space Industry Outlook

Workforce: Space Workforce – TSR 2017

Workforce: Space Workforce - TSR 2017 explores U.S. space, European space, Japanese space , and Indian space workforces at national levels, including NASA and U.S. National Security space workforce.

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2014 – U.S. Space Industry Outlook

Every two years, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics develops employment projections based on expected developments in the labor force and economy, changes in demographics and technology, and a variety…

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2011 – U.S. Space Workforce Outlook

The ongoing impacts of the economic slowdown and the reductions in NASA’s contractor workforce are not the only issues affecting U.S. space industry employees. The American aerospace workforce is aging.…

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2007 – U.S. Space Industry Outlook

These statistics quantify the thousands of jobs nationwide that are supported by the U.S. space industry. Clearly, a strong space industry is beneficial to national, state, and local economies when…

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2008 – U.S. Space Industry Outlook

The impact of the 2008 credit crisis on space industry employment levels cannot yet be measured with the statistics available. Through 2007, whether U.S. space employment and earnings potential is…

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2009 – U.S. Space Industry Outlook

The most authoritative source of U.S. space industry workforce data is the Bureau of Labor Statistics. U.S. space industry core employment is measured by assessing the six BLS North American Industry…

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