2010 – Workforce

Note: Please refer to this year's exhibits for the most current data as numbers may have been revised since this edition was published. [exhibit:space-workforce-trends]?end=2012[/exhibit]

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2010 – Infrastructure Metrics

Some accepted estimation methods fais to take into account the fact that not all launch vehicles are equal. The smallest orbital launch vehicles can place payloads of only a few…

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2010 – Space Economy Metrics

Different definitions, classifications, accounting systems, and budgetary cycles further complicate the important task of identifying and globally assessing the value of space investments. Neither are there sufficient mechanisms to track…

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2010 – MSS Satellite Design Activities

The global MSS market is dominated by two players: the UK’s Inmarsat and U.S.-based Iridium. They accounted for 55% and 25% of the market, respectively.[efn_note]Wei Li. “Beam... Growth On The…

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