2011 – Solar Orbital Systems

Researchers are deploying ever more sophisticated instruments to provide insight into the behavior of the Sun, which supplies our planet with the basic energy needed for life. In October 2011,…

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2011 – MSS Satellite Design Activities

Total MSS revenues in 2010 reached $1.38 billion, an 8.8% increase over the previous year, and are expected to exceed $2.2 billion by 2020.[efn_note]“Euroconsult Report Forecasts 7% Annual Increase in…

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2011 – Communications Satellites Overview

Communications satellites have been a crucial part of the global telecommunications infrastructure for decades. They bridge the oceans and connect continents with international telephone calls, bring live video footage of…

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2011 – Ground Observatories, Astronomy

To improve the resolution from ground-based observatories and to capture light from distant, dim objects, telescopes are growing larger. Due to the correspondingly large cost of construction and operation, these…

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2011 – Probes

The second category of space and robotic exploration systems involves seeing the Universe through the eyes of a satellite. The advantage is that the satellite is able to capture images…

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