Economy: Commercial Space Infrastructure

Introduction | Revenues from global commercial space activity—undertaken by private in no government investment—totaled $328.8 their highest level ever and increasing 6.6% from 2017.[efn_note] Space Foundation Space Revenue Database. March…

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Infrastructure: Human Spaceflight

Introduction | Since Yuri Gagarin’s orbital flight around the Earth in April 1961, humans in pioneering new technologies and pushing the limits of what’s considered possible. This year ushered in…

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Economy: Commercial Space

Introduction | While governments play an important role in space activity, revenue generated from commercial space activity — undertaken by private industry with little or no government investment — accounts…

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Hurricane tracking and Earth Observation data

Introduction | The United States was impacted by 14 natural disasters that each caused over a billion dollars in damage in 2019.[efn_note]“Last Year’s Billion-Dollar Disasters Show Crucial Link Between NOAA…

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Workforce: Global Space Workforce

Introduction | The space industry relies on tens of thousands of highly skilled workers to research and design, build, and operate advanced technologies that enable space activities and increase our…

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