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2015 – Brazilian Government Space Budget – Snapshot

Brazil has been experiencing widespread economic challenges in recent years, with almost no growth in GDP in 2014, and an estimated 3% decline in 2015. These broader issues have affected spending on space activities.

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2015 – Satellite Orbits – Snapshot

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, a total of 1,381 satellites were still operational at the end of 2015. These satellites are mostly located in low Earth orbit (LEO) between 200 and 2,000 kilometers (124–1,242 miles) of altitude. LEO is home to 759 active satellites, or 55% of the total. This family of orbits remains the main orbital location of satellites due to the wide range of missions it allows and to the low energy required to reach it, which typically results in lower launch costs.

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2015 – U.S. National Security Space Budgets – Snapshot

The majority of U.S. space spending in FY 2015, 52.9%, was directed toward national security space programs, including those conducted by the military services, the…

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