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Above the Fold: Space Issues to Watch in 2023

In China, 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. Of the twelve animals, it is regarded as the luckiest and symbolizes mercy and elegance. People born in this year avoid arguing and fighting. As one contemplates the major space issues facing the new Congress and the Biden-Harris administration, a realist must accept that it is likely they will be debated . . .

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Born from NASA Space Innovation, Digital Twin Technology Blooms Across Industries

Digital twinning is a technology with roots in the space program that’s now the beating heart of modern business, solving production, supply chain, and delivery problems before they start and giving managers unprecedented insight into operations.

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Annual Payload Deployment Climbs 36%, Driven Largely by Broadband Growth

Fueled largely by the growth of broadband constellations and the continued dominance of U.S. payloads, spacecraft deployed in 2022 climbed significantly from 2021.

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