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Satellite Communication Backup for Emergency Care

Many hospitals use satellite communication networks as back-up in case terrestrial line service is interrupted or in case of problems with the power grid. For instance, ## acute care hospitals in Connecticut use a system dubbed MedSat for such cases.

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The Promise of Space-enabled Telemedicine

Space enables a variety of health and biotechnology applications including telemedicine, tracking of disease and allergy vectors, and biotechnology research. The OECD notes that telemedicine is one of the most promising applications of space telecommunication services. Trends of increased mobility and transport costs, along with military interest, are cited as demand drivers for space-enabled telemedicine.

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Toll Booths Getting the Boot?

Europe is considering satellite navigation to enable an elimination of toll booths and increase road safety. The EU Commission envisions a toll system based on satellite navigation and mobile telecommunications systems. Galileo is intended to be the backbone of this “pay-as-you- drive” system.

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