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Growth in Earth Observation

Monitoring and managing land use via remote sensing satellites is likely to be increasingly important for local governments. Remote sensing data has been used for population estimation since 1960, but the methodology of modeling population and population density accurately is still the subject of academic discussion. Since restrictions in the United States were lifted in the mid-90s, the potential for further development exists for the commercial remote sensing industry.

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Learning Lessons From Disasters for Space Applications

As expressed by the OECD, space can make a valuable contribution to the challenges that may face our societies and governments in the future. Space platforms can monitor air pollution and greenhouse gases for assessment and management, as well as natural disasters, enabling effective responses. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina showcased the use of satellite capabilities for disaster management, communications, monitoring, and search and rescue.

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Law Enforcement Increases Use of GPS Products

In addition to fleet management, police officers regularly use GPS systems. Florida, Missouri, Ohio, and Oklahoma recently passed laws requiring lifetime electronic monitoring for individuals who have committed certain crimes. A combination of an electronic anklet and a GPS transmitter allows officers to respond immediately if a convict enters an area which is off limits.

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