2020 in Launches: Successes, Failures, and Everything in Between

Here’s a snapshot from the upcoming Q4 edition of The Space Report 2020, which will be released within the month. Major launch trends for 2020: Despite the pandemic-related halts in space operations, all countries and cooperative bodies with dedicated active orbital launch vehicles conducted launch activities in 2020. The number of launches conducted annually has…

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2019 Space Employment Hit 8-Year High, Launch Activity Reached Decade Growth of 39%, Research from The Space Report 2020 Q1 Analysis Shows

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (March 31, 2020) — Across multiple fronts, the space industry heading into 2020 was the strongest in years, with gains in space industry jobs, new nations entering space, and record-level research and investor activity through International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory programs. Those are among the new findings in The Space Report…

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Space Data Insights: NASA Budget, 1959-2020

[Insights is a new series by the Space Foundation’s Research & Analysis (R&A) team to share the details that data reveals about today’s space environment.] Milestone events for the U.S. space program within the last few weeks have proven the accomplishments of the past decade and the promise of expected achievements in the new decade.…

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Industry Insight: Space Jobs of the Future

Courtney Stadd spent more than 35 years helping draft and implement federal policies and regulations to spur the growth of commercial space. Today, he is widely consulted within the industry. The article below was originally published in The Space Report Quarter Three in October. The views presented herein are those of the individual author and do…

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