2008 – Space Employment – Snapshot

The economic impacts and human capital effects of global space activity are mutually reinforcing. Worldwide space activity is a driver of industry and commerce, both in economic sectors with a primary space linkage and in secondary and tertiary supporting industries. As space-related economic activity stimulates economic growth, it employs individuals, shapes educational needs, and informs public policy priorities.

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2008 – Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) Space Activities – Snapshot

GEO satellites provide coverage of a wide area from a relatively fixed position, making them ideal for broadcast applications to multiple downlink sites, as well as for networking services to widely dispersed corporate and government facilities. Video distribution, point-to-point video feeds, also known as “backhauls,” and Direct-To-Home (DTH) television services represented three-quarters of total satellite services revenues in 2007.

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2008 – Canadian Government Space Budget – Snapshot

The Canadian Space Agency oversees an annual budget of about C$## million (US$## million), a figure unchanged for several years. Canada focuses its space spending on three main areas: satellite communication and navigation systems, space robotics, and Earth observation and remote sensing. In 2008, Canada’s space spending constituted approximately ##% of Canada’s C$## billion (US$## billion) national budget.

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