2010 – Launch Industry – Snapshot

In 2010, 74 orbital launches occurred carrying 118 payloads into space. These payloads included satellites, other types of robotic spacecraft, and cargo and crew missions to the International Space Station…

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2010 – Government Space Budgets – Snapshot

Government spending on space remains strong even in the midst of tight budgets, with continuing financial commitments to space exploration, national security programs, and scientific research. Investment has also continued…

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2010 – Economy – Snapshot

The global space economy continued to demonstrate strong growth in 2010, increasing by 7.7% to reach a record total of $276.52 billion. This figure shows the continuation of a five-year…

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2010 – Demographics – Snapshot

The United States, Canada, and Europe together comprised about 35% of first-degree STEM graduates. Japan and South Korea comprised 8% and 6%, respectively, while Australia comprised 2%. Europe led in…

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2010 – Degrees Awarded – Snapshot

While mechanisms such as the PISA test reveal a cross-national focus on primary and secondary STEM competency, a more direct measure of the potential international space workforce is offered through…

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