Human Space Launch

During 2017, Russia was the only nation that launched humans into orbit. Russia continued providing its service, ferrying passengers to the International Space Station (ISS). Of the... During 2017, Russia…

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Other Space Employment

Most nations do not publicly release annual data about the size of their space workforce. However, some do provide information periodically, particularly with regard... Most nations do not publicly release…

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European Space Industry Employment

In 2016, the European space workforce included 40,419 individuals, according to Eurospace, the European space industry association. Eurospace conducts annual surveys of European firms involved in the design, development, and…

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U.S. National Security Workforce

The U.S. national security space workforce is composed of federal workers in both the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community. Altogether, there were more than 27,500 U.S. national security…

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NASA Civil Servant Workforce

As of the start of fiscal year (FY) 2018, NASA employed 17,324 individuals. Employment has been essentially static since the beginning of FY 2016, increasing by less than 20 people…

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