Space Products and Services

Governance, Education, and Infrastructure

Globe-spanning Education Networks

World-class education services to rural and remote locations will continue to proliferate and stimulate economic development in those locations. The OECD’s Space 2030 recommends governments use satellites to provide services…

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Integrated Infrastructure

As we move into the future, space and the lifestyle media sector will become more closely linked. In the near future, movie companies may rely on satellites to distribute digital…

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Toll Booths Getting the Boot?

Europe is considering satellite navigation to enable an elimination of toll booths and increase road safety. The EU Commission envisions a toll system based on satellite navigation and mobile telecommunications…

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Growth in Earth Observation

Monitoring and managing land use via remote sensing satellites is likely to be increasingly important for local governments. Remote sensing data has been used for population estimation since 1960, but the…

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Law Enforcement Increases Use of GPS Products

In addition to fleet management, police officers regularly use GPS systems. Florida, Missouri, Ohio, and Oklahoma recently passed laws requiring lifetime electronic monitoring for individuals who have committed certain crimes. A…

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Enhancing Search and Rescue

Search and rescue (SAR) missions often use satellite communications along with data from GPS receivers to improve success rates. The searchers’ safety and success are increased when there is an…

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