Payload Launch

Orbital Payload Launch

2017 – Europe Launch, Payload

European launch activities in 2017 accounted for 11 SLV launch attempts, the same rate as the previous two years. Although launch numbers remained the same, the European share of global…

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2017 – Russia Launch, Payload

In 2017, Russia conducted 21% of global orbital launch attempts, a negligible increase from 20% in 2016. While its share of launch activities remained almost static, the country’s launch service…

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2017 – Japan Launch, Payload

Japanese orbital launch attempts set a new launch record for the nation in 2017. Japan attempted seven SLV launches, growing the nation’s global orbital launch activity share from 5% in…

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2017 – India Launch, Payload

India’s global orbital launch activity share and launch rate both declined in 2017. The number of launch attempts by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) fell to five in 2017…

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2017 – China Launch, Payload

China’s share of global orbital launch activity fell from its 2016 high of 26% to 20% for 2017. The nation’s 18 launch attempts moved it down in global launch activity…

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2017 – U.S. Launch, Payload

The U.S. share of global orbital launch activities continued to grow, from 26% in 2016 to 33% in 2017. In 2017, the nation’s launch service providers conducted 30 orbital launch…

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Infrastructure: Space Infrastructure – TSR 2018

Infrastructure: Space Infrastructure - TSR 2018 examines global human spaceflight operations to include both the Chinese and US space stations, launch vehicles from all spacefaring nations, communications satellite constellations, PNT…

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