Payload Launch

Orbital Payload Launch

2016 – India Payload Launch – Snapshot

During 2016, India once again set a #### for its annual space launch vehicle (SLV) launch rate, exceeding its ## by ## launches. India’s ## launches enabled the country to claim ##% of global launch activity. With no…

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2016 – Russia Payload Launch – Snapshot

Russia abdicated its customary position as the world’s leader in the number of launches during 2016, coming in ## after the United States and China. The nation launched only ## space launch vehicles (SLVs), but still managed to hold ##% of the global launch market.

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2016 – China Payload Launch – Snapshot

China’s share of the global orbital launch market for 2016 matched that of ### and exceeded all other launch providers. The nation’s launch rate of ## in 2016 was the highest number of launch attempts China conducted and the first time the country went over ## launches in a single year. China successfully carried out the first flights of…

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2016 – Japan Payload Launch – Snapshot

Japan’s share of the 2016 global orbital launch market stayed around ##%, equaling the country’s ##. ## of Japan’s ## orbital launch attempts were ##, giving the country a ##% reliability record for 2016…

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2015 – Japan Launch, Payload

Japan’s number of SLVs launched during 2015 equaled their 2014 efforts. The country’s 2015 share of global orbital space launches grew, but only because the total number of SLVs launched globally during 2015 declined. The four SLVs launched during 2015 from Japan helped the nation to maintain a share of nearly 5% of global launches.

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2015 – Russia Launch, Payload

Russia remained the world’s leader in number of launches provided during 2015, taking slightly more than 30% of the global orbital launch market for the year. This position was earned even though the nation’s launch rate fell by 19% to 26 launches in 2015, down from 32 launches during both 2013 and 2014. While Russia’s launch rate fell in 2015, Russia’s space launch system reliability fell slightly as well. Nearly 12% of Russia’s 26 launch attempts for the year were partial or total failures.

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2015 – Orbital Launch Reports and Forecasts – Snapshot

The activities of three nations were responsible for nearly 76% of all of the world’s orbital SLV launches in 2015. Russia alone carried out 30% of the global orbital space launches, followed by the United States with a little more than 23%, and China with 22%. Compared to 2014, the number of orbital payload launches in 2015 dropped by six to 86.

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2015 – Europe Launch, Payload

Europe’s share of global orbital launches grew by 1% in 2015—from nearly 12% in 2014 to nearly 13% in 2015—although the number of launches conducted by the European coalition remained the same. The one European orbital spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, conducted all 11 orbital SLV launches in 2015.

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