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Space-enabled athletic training programs

Some athletes are all about metrics. Heart rate, distance, speed, and other data can be measured using smartphones, smartwatches, pedometers, chest straps and... Some athletes are all about metrics. Heart…

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Stressed Plants Lose their Glow

The government is using crop glow to estimate crop growth. [caption id="attachment_3578" align="alignleft"]The glow of photosynthesis captured by a NASA satellite. More glowing indicates more plant growth. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech [/caption]Government…

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Tractors Without Farmers

The technology that keeps tractors within field boundaries is changing, using satellite technology to aid farmers in steering farm equipment within centimeters of its intended location. AREA4D is using satellite…

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Stranded Bears Seen From Space

Counting white bears on a white background is a challenge when the polar bears are only yards away from an observer on the ground. Imagine how challenging it must be…

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