2010 – Spaceports – Snapshot

Launch sites, commonly called spaceports, host the launches of orbital and suborbital vehicles and, in some cases, the return of spacecraft from space. Spaceports take many forms, from sprawling, dedicated…

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Infrastructure: Space Infrastructure – TSR 2010

Space Infrastructure - TSR 2010 examines global human spaceflight operations to include both the Chinese and US space stations, launch vehicles from all spacefaring nations, communications satellite constellations, PNT satellites,…

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2009 – Suborbital Payload Launch – Snapshot

There is growing interest in suborbital reusable launch vehicles to conduct experiments and research. Masten Space Systems of Mojave, California, is developing the Extreme Altitude series of unmanned suborbital vehicles…

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2009 – Europe Launch and Payload – Snapshot

Europe’s space launch capability is managed by ESA via France-based Arianespace, a public-private consortium of 23 shareholders and ten European nations. European launches are conducted using facilities located at Kourou…

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2009 – Russia Launch and Payload – Snapshot

[exhibit:launch-vehicles]end=2009?country()=Russia?title_prefix=Russian Orbital Launches[/exhibit] As in recent years, Russia led the world in orbital launches, with 29 in 2009, sustaining a long history of pioneering space accomplishments. In 2009 Russia launched…

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2009 – U.S. Launch and Payload – Snapshot

[exhibit:launch-vehicles]end=2009?country()=United States?title_prefix=U.S. Orbital Launches[/exhibit] Seven different American-operated launch vehicle families performed 24 orbital launches in 2009: the Atlas V, Delta II, Delta IV, Falcon 1, Minotaur I, Space Shuttle, and Taurus…

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