Tracking the Effects of Mining Waste

When overhead space assets show the impacts of mining on the environment. Bento Rodriguez, a Brazilian village of about 600 people, ceased to exist in early November 2015. The town…

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Economy: Space Economy – TSR 2016

Economy: Space Economy - TSR 2016 an annual review of the commercial space infrastructure and support industries and space-based products and services used on Earth. This edition also delves into…

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2012 – Emerging Technologies

While space has many practical applications that are already making real differences in people’s daily lives, many more research activities are still in the early stages of development. Depending on…

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2013 – Government Space Budgets Overview

Government space programs accounted for approximately $## billion in spending during 2013, representing ##% of the global space economy. Government investment in space decreased by ##% in 2013, contributing to…

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