2020 TSRQ3 – Infrastructure: Human Spaceflight

Since Yuri Gagarin’s orbital flight around the Earth in April 1961, humans in pioneering new technologies and pushing the limits of what’s considered possible. This year ushered in a new era of human spaceflight when SpaceX became the first . . .

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2020 TSRQ2 – Infrastructure Q&A

On April 15, Russia conducted a non-contact anti-satellite test, joining India, China, and the United States in developing and testing such a capability. To gain better insight about this emerging global issue. . .

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2020 TSRQ2 – Infrastructure Snapshots

Since 2006, NASA has paid the Russian government approximately $3.9 billion to purchase Soyuz seats for astronauts from the United States and the International Space Station’s other international partners. . .

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