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Stranded Bears Seen From Space

Counting white bears on a white background is a challenge when the polar bears are only yards away from an observer on the ground. Imagine how challenging it must be…

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2005 Space Budget Allocations

Civil space programs have major science directorates that guide programmatic decisions. Divisions for Solar System Exploration, Structure & Evolution of the Universe, and Astronomical Search for Origins are all found…

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Cheaper Launch Options for Science?

Low cost launchers, like SpaceX’s Falcon family, could have a significant impact on scientific missions, which typically rely on scarce public funds. Payloads from universities and research labs often “piggy…

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The Tangible Benefits of Space Research Realized

Space-based platforms provide unique opportunities for microgravity research and international scientific cooperation. The ISS, the space shuttles, Skylab, Russia’s Mir Space Station and Soyuz, and the Chinese Shenzhou have enabled…

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From the Outside Looking In: Earth Observation

In 2005, NOAA requested $## million for scientific research to provide funding for internal research laboratories and partnerships with academia. In addition to gathering data through Earth observation satellites, NOAA…

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Lunar and Interplanetary Exploration

More than ## missions carrying scientific instruments, in the form of probes and rovers, have been launched into the solar system to study planets, comets, asteroids, and other phenomena. These…

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Medical Research in a Microgravity Environment

Greater biotechnology research and manufacturing is among the far-term prospects (20-30 years) for space enterprise, given more affordable access and orbital platforms. However, there are several current applications of biotechnology…

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Closely Monitoring Diseases from Far Away

The use of satellite monitoring for infectious diseases supports the recent increase in funding and support for environmental diseases by organizations such as the UN Global Fund, the London School…

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