Space Products & Innovation

Space Products & Innovation – TSR 2016

As humans continue to explore space, their ingenuity brings the technology used for space operations and exploration down to Earth. Whether leading sport-fishermen to a favorite fishing hole, or helping farmers predict crop yields, space products and services continue to make things convenient for humans and help them survive during turbulent times.

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Space Products and Services Overviews

From designing fire-resistant underwear to predicting floods and droughts, each endeavor is a step toward improving life with space technology. Space products and services result from humans creatively pursuing solutions to problems and questions in day-to-day life. The knowledge and expertise we gain from operating in space is regularly used to exceed old standards and set new ones at home on Earth.

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Energy, Resources, and Environmental Management

Due to the wide perspective of Earth provided by some satellites, industries involved in energy, resources, and environmental management are benefiting from multiple new developments in satellite technology and services. The Earth’s environment is in constant flux as natural resources are consumed and renewed continually.

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Space Technology Hall of Fame and Space Certification

The Space Technology Hall of Fame® increases public awareness of the benefits of space exploration and encourages further innovation by recognizing individuals, organizations and companies that effectively adapt and market technologies originally developed for space to improve the quality of life for all humanity.

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Featured Stories

Volunteer space operators who take over old NASA spacecraft; robots on faraway planets impacting the technologies of Earth’s inhabitants; space agencies finding alternative uses for technologies and processes originally designed for space operations and exploration–each one of these topics and others are worth exploring in more detail. This is the purpose of The Space Report’s “Featured Stories.” Years of featured stories are gathered here, some short, some long, but all interesting.

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