Workforce: Space Workforce – TSR 2017

Introduction | The global space industry relies on a highly qualified workforce. Understanding the trends in this workforce, including changes in size and demographics, provides insight into the overall health…

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This Year’s Launches by Spaceport

This interactive exhibit shows the world's active spaceports for the year. This interactive exhibit shows the world's active spaceports for the year. Hover over one of the graph's bars for a…

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2014 – Orbital Human Space Launch

It is relatively simple to place a satellite into orbit when compared with launching humans to space. Humans have more complex needs, such as breathable air, food, staying warm, staying…

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2015 – Satellite Television

Satellites in geostationary orbit are capable of broadcasting signals over very large areas, making them ideal for distribution of television and radio signals around the world. Digital TV Research Limited,…

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2015 – Launch Industry

Attempted orbital launches decreased from ## in 2014 to ## in 2015.  Of these ## launches, ## successfully reached orbit. There were ## launch attempts for commercial payloads and the…

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