Communications Satellites

2010 – MSS Satellite Design Activities

The global MSS market is dominated by two players: the UK’s Inmarsat and U.S.-based Iridium. They accounted for 55% and 25% of the market, respectively.[efn_note]Wei Li. “Beam... Growth On The…

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2010 – Communications Satellites Overview

Satellite communications are perhaps the most ubiquitous example of human utilization of space, and they have been a crucial part of the global telecommunications infrastructure for decades. They bridge the…

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2011 – MSS Satellite Design Activities

Total MSS revenues in 2010 reached $1.38 billion, an 8.8% increase over the previous year, and are expected to exceed $2.2 billion by 2020.[efn_note]“Euroconsult Report Forecasts 7% Annual Increase in…

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