2014 – Top-level Trends

In education, the most recent National Assessment of Educational Progress exams show that ##. fourth- and eighth-grade students are showing improvement in mathematics, though less than half achieve at or…

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Global Space Education

The worldwide space sector employs hundreds of thousands of skilled workers who require high levels of education and competency. To maintain this workforce over time, space employers require a steady…

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2011 – Top-level Trends – Snapshot

In 2010, the global space workforce continued to weather the effects of the global financial crisis, recession, and ongoing economic uncertainty with relative resiliency. Declines in American space employment caused…

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2011 – NAEP – Snapshot

It is helpful to examine current trends in primary and secondary U.S. STEM education because this is when many potential space professionals first become interested in space. Note: These exhibits…

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2011 – Demographics – Snapshot

Both the government and industry space sectors in the United States show a high demand for STEM-educated professionals. As of December 2011, 11,606 of NASA’s 18,851 employees—62% of its civil…

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