Space Products and Services

Energy, Resources, and Environmental Management

Oil and Gas Facilities Made Safer

Technology designed to enable the operation of space systems also has applications on Earth. A French-Dutch company, EATOPS, has developed a software tool called Remote Intuitive Visual Operations, which is…

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Orwellian Bear Country

The near-real-time monitoring capabilities of satellites also enable applications for tracking animal populations and their interactions with human communities. In Florida, a project sponsored by the Nature Conservancy fuses GPS…

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Studying Climate and Weather From Space

A new spacecraft launched in 2009 is helping scientists to understand how Earth’s climate and weather systems work. The European Space Agency launched the Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS)…

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Water Management With TIGER

Satellite-enabled measurement is becoming increasingly important in water resources management. Since 2002, ESA’s TIGER Initiative has supported projects in Africa that leverage remote sensing satellite technology to better manage increasingly…

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Measuring Industrial Emissions

In another example of space spinoff technology in the environmental and energy sector, German company ESCUBE produces sensors to monitor emissions from industrial heating systems. The company uses technology originally…

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