2016 – Sounding Rockets – Snapshot

Government sounding rocket programs, such as NASA’s Sounding Rockets Program Office (SRPO), use sounding rockets as training tools for future engineers and scientists. More launch opportunities…

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2016 – Orbital Launch Reports and Forecasts – Snapshot

After many years of conducting launch operations in more or less the same way, the orbital launch industry is experiencing substantial changes on some fronts. In December 2015, one U.S. company was the first to successfully conduct an orbital launch of satellites, then have the space launch vehicle’s (SLV’s) first stage return and land safely on the ground…

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2016 – Europe Payload Launch – Snapshot

European launch activities in ### efforts, with the European Space Agency (ESA) conducting ## launch attempts. The European share of global orbital launches ## 2015 at ##%. All 2016 orbital space launch vehicle (SLV) launches were conducted from Europe’s only orbital spaceport, located…

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