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Science, Biotechnology, and Health Care

The Promise of Space-enabled Telemedicine

Space enables a variety of health and biotechnology applications including telemedicine, tracking of disease and allergy vectors, and biotechnology research. The OECD notes that telemedicine is one of the most…

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Small Terminals Connecting Hospitals

VSAT (very small aperture terminal) networks can be used by governments for coordinating electronic voting and telemedicine. Venezuela recently used the Gilat VSAT network in its 2004 elections. Across the…

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Moon Exploration from the Desktop

Google Moon, originally released in July 2005, was updated in 2007 with high-resolution imagery from NASA, including images and tours of Apollo landing sites. Google Moon, originally released in July…

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Personal Stargazing Guide

A new application of GPS technology is making star-gazing more accessible. The telescope manufacturer Meade’s mySKY handheld digital astrolabe uses a GPS sensor and a magnetic compass to identify celestial…

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Phoenix Rises Above Mars

The first mission intended to “touch and examine water on Mars,” was launched by NASA in August of 2007. The Martian probe Phoenix was scheduled to land in May 2008…

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Land a Lunar Rover, Win Money

A new X PRIZE competition, sponsored by Google, began in 2007. The Google Lunar X PRIZE is a $30 million competition designed to stimulate entrepreneurial activity and investment. The prize…

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Deep Space Probes from the Far East

In 2007, a number of robotic probes and planetary landers were launched as several nations developed their space exploration programs. Among these launches were the first lunar orbiters from Japan…

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Eye-tracker for Surgeons

University of Pittsburgh researchers have found another solution to the problem of limited bandwidth in telemedicine. A device that tracks the focal point of a surgeon’s eyes has enabled the…

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