Government Space Budgets

United States Government Space Budget

2008 – U.S. Civil Space Budgets

The United States budget for NASA was $## billion in FY 2008 and the budget request for FY 2009 was $## billion. Consistent with past allocations, the FY 2010 budget…

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2009 – U.S. Civil Space Budgets

In the United States, most civil space activities are led by NASA. Major activities at NASA in 2009 included continued operations of the Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs,…

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2010 – U.S. Civil Space Budgets

In certain agencies, such as the USDA, space spending is distributed in small amounts across the agency for activities such as the purchase of remote sensing data, and therefore space…

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2011 – U.S. Civil Space Budgets

NASA’s FY 2011 actual budget, reached as a result of seven CRs and Public Law 112-10¸ decreased by ##% from the agency’s FY 2010 actual budget, including FY 2010 funds…

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