NASA Nano-materials Beautifies

Wherever they may go, travelers can take advantage of new hairstyling tools derived from space-related nanomaterial research. Nanoceramic materials were developed by NASA researchers for the manufacture of microcapsules capable…

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Fly With Wi-Fi

Another advancement within the travel and lifestyle sector that has taken off during 2010 is satellite-enabled in-flight entertainment. In the spring of 2009, Southwest Airlines, in collaboration with the satellite…

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Satellite Receiver Dish Array

Large satellite dishes on rooftops may soon be a thing of the past due to technology that enables lower-cost “virtual” dishes. This new technology enables affordable antennas that conform to…

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Combined Virtual and Real Car Racing

A new online video game, created by Dutch-German startup company iOpener Media, uses high-accuracy satellite tracking that allows players to race cars in real time against other users during real-world…

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2011 – Economy Snapshot

The global space industry showed very strong growth in 2011, increasing more than 12% from 2010. Commercial space revenue and government budgets reached a record total of $289.77 billion in…

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