2018 – Global Positioning System (GPS)

The U.S. maintained 31 operational GPS satellites during 2018, the same number operational during 2017. While that number of operational satellites is seven more than the minimum number of GPS…

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2018 – Galileo

In contrast to the PNT systems operated by other nations (except Japan), two European civil government organizations (the EU) and the ESA) share acquisition, management and operation of the Galileo…

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2018 – BeiDou/CentiSpace

Of all the nations deploying and operating PNT satellites in 2018, China was the busiest. At the beginning of 2018, the nation’s PNT system, known as BeiDou (Compass), consisted of…

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2018 New Communications Satellites Challenges

January 2018 marked the first time a U.S. communications satellite operator deployed satellites without the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) permission. In April 2017, nine months before the launch, the…

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