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2017 TSRQ1 – Space Products & Innovation

Space continued to change the way people did business on Earth during 2016. The public’s increased demands for space products and services attracted growing investments and activities in space. Services providing meaningful and relevant satellite data in compressed time frames garnered attention from businesses, both inside and outside the space industry. The aggregation of data from . . .

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2016 – Infrastructure: Space Infrastructure

Space infrastructure is a fundamental prerequisite for all activities that make use of space. It comprises all the hardware, software, and operators responsible for creating and supporting the construction, launch, and deployment of spacecraft.

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2015 – Government Space Budgets – Snapshot

Total global government space budgets in 2015 were $76.516 billion, a 4.8% decrease from $80.415 billion in 2014. More than half of this spending was in the United States, which budgeted $44.567 billion for government space activities in 2015. Government budget levels reflect the most recent budgetary information available for each country, taking into account the fact…

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