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Space Sensors Measure Aerosol Concentrations

In 2007, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health tested the ability of satellite sensors to measure ground-level aerosol concentrations. Aerosols include the smallest debris resulting from burning fossil…

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Helping the Blind Get Around

A prototype project in Europe uses GPS signals to guide visually impaired individuals to their destinations. Tested in Madrid, this European Space Agency (ESA) project — developed in partnership with…

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NASA Robot Arm Used for Knee Surgery

Barrett Technology has collaborated with NASA to develop innovative upgrades to Barrett’s robotic arm technology. The extra funding allowed Barrett to advance the WAM’s (whole arm manipulator) electronics and software for…

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Space-based Discovery of More Mayan Ruins

Remote sensing satellite data is also assisting archaeologists. In early 2008, archaeologists who teamed with NASA scientists over the past five years announced the discovery of five sprawling ancient Mayan…

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Telemedicine Aiding in Disaster Areas

The European Space Agency, in coordination with the Institut de Medecine et de Physiologie Spatiales, is developing a telemedicine solution to improve post-crisis management in areas struck by natural disasters…

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Hydrophobic Coatings Inspired by Lotus

Biotechnology breakthroughs are occurring as engineers find inspiration from the lotus plant to develop materials that can overcome the challenging space environment. Studies of lotus plants and their ability to…

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