2009 – Russian Government Space Budget – Snapshot

Russian space spending increased dramatically in 2009. The planned budget for Roscosmos, the Russian Federal Space Agency, was more than 87.9 billion rubles (US$2.9 billion).[efn_note]“Russia – Organisations: Roscosmos." European Commission…

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2009 – PISA Test Snapshot

An examination of PISA test scores among 14 countries active in space offers a more focused view of relative math and science literacy, which has implications for the numbers of…

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2008 – Civil Space Activity

The trend of globalization in space activity continues, with nations entering into agreements to use each other’s infrastructure and space assets. Two decades ago only the United States, the Soviet…

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2008 – Space Employment – Snapshot

The economic impacts and human capital effects of global space activity are mutually reinforcing. Worldwide space activity is a driver of industry and commerce, both in economic sectors with a…

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