Communications Satellites

2013 – MSS Satellite Design Activities

The original and still-dominant MSS operator, Inmarsat, uses a fleet of nine GEO satellites to provide mobile services to land, maritime, and aviation customers. Since its founding in 1979, Inmarsat’s…

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Mobile Satellite Service Satellite Design

MSS providers offer satellite-based communications directly to consumers through devices such as mobile phones. Traditionally, MSS has provided basic voice and data services to ships and locations underserved by terrestrial…

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Fixed Satellite Service Satellite Design

International rights to geostationary orbital slots are vital to FSS operators that need to reach the most promising markets. The orbital arc is becoming congested with more satellites utilizing the…

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Satellite Design

The FSS and MSS industries had served their discrete markets using unique capabilities, but advancing technologies and evolving market conditions have eroded much of the contrast between these two services.…

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Mobile Satellite Service Orbits

The MSS sector was created to address a specific market that was underserved by FSS: maritime voice and data, enabling emergency communications for ships at sea. Subsequent MSS systems tried…

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Fixed Satellite Service Orbits

GEO satellites can broadcast a signal to one-third of the Earth’s surface. They are ideal for FSS operators, who broadcast to antennas spread across several continents. Of the ## communications…

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Telecommunications satellites include all spacecraft whose main mission is to collect, relay, or broadcast data, which may include voice, video, and other information. Depending on the type of system, communications…

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