Space Products and Services

Energy, Resources, and Environmental Management

Satellite Pictures Help Fight Illegal Logging

The DeforestACTION project is using satellite imagery to combat illegal logging through its Earth Watchers software tool, currently in beta testing. The difficulty of locating and identifying illegal deforestation often…

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Better, More Efficient, Solar Power

Space technology has also inspired innovative energy solutions. NASA’s Glenn Research Center is supporting two spinoff projects by the GreenField Solar and Entech Solar companies to develop advanced solar arrays for…

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Satellite Earth Observation Data Predict Drought

Drought conditions are a contributing factor to wildfires, but they also have their own environmental impact. The MODIS instruments on NASA’s Terra and Aqua satellites observed a severe impact on plant growth from the…

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Monitoring Wildfires from Afar

Some of the same satellite-based sensors that helped to track Superstorm Sandy and generate maps of the resulting blackouts were used to monitor the devastating wildfires that affected many parts of…

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