Space Products and Services

Transportation, Logistics, and Manufacturing

Optimizing Flight Routes in Real-time

Building on research that started at NASA’s Ames Research Center, Boeing incorporated flight path optimization technology into its Direct Routes product. This service, made commercially available in 2011, provides real-time…

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Improving Bus Routes From Space

GPS tracking has provided researchers and city planners with an important source of information for improving transportation systems. Studies using GPS tracking can help planners learn about where people are…

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Satellite Navigation and Timber Management

From 2011 to 2013, the ESA Business Incubation Center in Bavaria is hosting WASP-Logistik, which has been developing software that takes computer code originally developed for satellite navigation and applies it…

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NASA Tech Helps Ease the Tension

Safety is also an important concern on offshore oil platforms. Engineers at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and Astro Technology have collaborated to address some of these dangers, including both worker safety…

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