Space Products and Services

Transportation, Logistics, and Manufacturing

NASA Tech Helps Ease the Tension

Safety is also an important concern on offshore oil platforms. Engineers at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and Astro Technology have collaborated to address some of these dangers, including both worker safety…

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Watch Your Late Train in Real-time

Noting that the complexity of tracking trains across an extensive national rail network is similar to that of monitoring and controlling a satellite in orbit, ESA contractor Elecnor Deimos envisaged a…

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Tracking Shipping Containers From Space

The global coverage provided by space assets gives them a distinct advantage in applications related to largescale transportation and logistics. The customs and border control process of verifying cargo can lengthen…

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Space Products and Services – TSR 2012

Space Products and Services - TSR 2012 explores space products and services and how they have enriched the lives and businesses of everyday people ranging from travel and entertainment to science…

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